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Bicycle - Laser Cut Bike

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Got a DIY project you are working on for a cyclist Or a teen who loves to ride? Our laser-cut wood shapes are cut to order and sanded for you. All you need to do is add the paint or stain! Make it yourself, gift it as a gift. Cure your boredom!

The completed piece is available in several sizes. Select your size from the drop-down menu when ordering.
The bicycle is approximately 1/8 inches thick and cut on high-quality plywood.

Available Sizes:

6" Wide x 3.5"Tall
7" Wide x 4.25"Tall
8" Wide x 4.75"Tall
9" Wide x 5.5"Tall
10" Wide x 6"Tall
11" Wide x 6.5"Tall
12" Wide x 7.25"Tall
13" Wide x 7.75"Tall
14" Wide x 8.5"Tall
15" Wide x 9"Tall
16" Wide x 9.5"Tall
17" Wide x 10.25"Tall
18" Wide x 10.75"Tall

(height rounded to closest 1/4")

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Happy Crafting!!