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3D Airplane Wall Art

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Let your children’s imagination take flight with this three-dimensional wooden plane wall sign. This framed plane wall art is made from birch and pine and features movable propellers! The plane is stained in ebony, and the windows are handpainted painted in white. The plane is anchored to a white background and floats atop clear blue clouds. The plane and propellers extend over two inches in depth from the framed background.

Each piece is custom cut and hand-assembled with care. The sign and all parts of the plane are sealed with a non-yellowing sealer to ensure the beauty does not fade.

Available in three sizes:
- Standard: 14" x 14"
- Large: 20" x 20"
- Extra Large: 26" x 26"

This travel decor is great for kid rooms, nursery, transportation enthusiasts, boys' rooms and more.

We do have several other signs that match this particular item!

Set of Three: